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Project Delivery Services

Let's make a plan and stick to it!

Project Delivery

Let's make a plan and stick to it.


Plan to Succeed

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

At Subnet, our project management team takes charge of all significant aspects of our professional services delivery, making them an essential part of the planning and design stages when scoping your requests. 


Communication is key

One of the unique aspects of Subnet is the emphasis we place on communication and accessibility for our customers. We understand that these factors are crucial during project delivery. That's why our work plans are seamlessly integrated into our customer-facing project management tool, which utilizes AI resource management to ensure the most efficient execution of your project within the optimal timeframe.


Work with the long-term experts

Many customers have consistently chosen Subnet over the years to collaborate with our long-term professional services team. Establishing strong relationships and having confidence in our team is crucial for starting off projects with us.

Why do I want a Project Manager?

You might believe that the task you require is simple and manageable on your own, or that you already have other external project managers involved in the overall plan. However, Subnet project outcomes consistently surpass expectations, delivering faster results and ensuring the utmost customer satisfaction, thanks to our dedicated internal Project Management Office who work tirelessly to fulfil your specific requirements.

Based on PMBOK and PRINCE2 our qualified team of project managers provide weekly updates, incorporate live access to the status of the project through our online portal and work with you and your business to achieve the desired outcomes.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Project Engineers

Live access to the project plan and status

Fully Integrated with all project parties

Single point of contact for delivery of your Project

Solution design and review sign-off before presentation

Live Project Portal

To ensure the highest level of communication within the team and the wider business, Subnet provides a live project portal to manage and update your projects throughout the phases.

Fully Integrated Project Status

The project portal is fully integrated with our systems to provide the most up-to-date information on the status of your project directly from the tech team doing the work.

Manage internal teams & third parties
Manage all teams & 3rd parties

The Subnet Project Management Office can help support the management of your internal teams, specialised third parties and our own Subnet family to ensure all project deliverables are achieved.

Quick Project Reporting

Generate the reporting and details that you need to present to your business straight from the portal.  If you need to have a more customised report, just let us know and we can assist.

Critical and Collapsing paths

Managing the project after it has started may require collapsing or using the critical path to ensure the deliverables are achived within updated timeframes.  The Subnet PMO are always there not only at the start and the end but through every step.

Modular Design

You can use modular design to get the exact building blocks you need to build beautiful website and landing pages.