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Foundations Agreements


10 reasons to love our Foundations Managed Service Agreements.

  1. Better support one of your biggest investments, your staff, by providing help when they need it with a 24/7 multi-talented fleet of experts!

  2. Our Foundations agreement has been designed from the ground up to incorporate the security principles of Essential 8, helping to improve your security basics from the very beginning.

  3. Quarterly Business reviews help you plan out your ICT spend and goals to ensure you know what's coming, now and into the future.

  4. A dedicated Service Delivery Manager (SDM) to provide a single point of contact for the escalation and delivery of your support agreement.  Your SDM will also present your quarterly business reports with risks, plans and how your agreement is running.

  5. Choose what coverage you need for your business through our Foundations calculator, designed to let you personalise what you want covered and how and when you'd like the support delivered.

  6. Our agreements grow or shrink with your business; we will true-up our numbers with you every 90 days to match your environment, so if you need less support, our numbers go down; if you have grown, so does our coverage.

  7. Big team with a small team mindset: each customer is grouped into smaller aligned PODs to ensure your staff are consistently talking to the same people each time, who you know and who know you and your nuances but with the support of our industry-leading experts to back them up.

  8. We want you to want to be here, so our agreement terms don't lock you into something that isn't working; don't get stuck working with a poor provider because you can't get out. If you currently feel stuck, our 'hostile takeover' onboarding can protect your business in the transition.

  9. Our managed services offering is aimed at integration, not replacement of your team, so we can manage your core technology while your end-user support stays in-house or vice versa. We can manage a temporary skill gap while hiring, train your team to move up or work with third-party experts under one contract. 

  10. Don't get left behind because your current agreement doesn't adapt, we version our managed service to ensure you have access to the latest toolsets, practices and protections, we know how fast the demands of technology change.

Subnet's Managed Services Agreement has been built to give you the support you need in the manner you want without penalising you for signing on with us. MSA contracts should support your business like our team does, helping take the foundational ICT support off of your hands and keep you up-to-date with a fast-paced technology environment. Speak to one of our Account managers about the Subnet MSA Calculator to see the flexibility in how we support you.


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"now I've seen it. I love your versioning calculator, its so genius you should copywrite it" - Happy Customer

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