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Don't get shocked by a cyber-security incident - be prepared, protected and plan your actions in advance alongside our certified team through a +Security agreement.

Security threats are on the rise due to swift and intricate attacks on increasingly smaller targets.  This has meant that the cost and the complexity of Cyber Insurance, the legislative level of responsibility for the board and the executive team, and the security costs borne by businesses have proportionally increased too.

Our +Security agreement has been developed over the last 5 years to provide a flexible level of support to cover your individual business risks at the right cost for South Australian businesses.  Our team of certified and specialised Security resources work both proactively and reactively throughout the day and night to ensure your environment remains safe.

Benefits of a +Security agreement include;

  • Covered by Subnets internal security team 24x7, working with the best-of-breed security toolsets from industry leaders including Crowdstrike, Microsoft, Tenable and more.

  • Designed and works perfectly in conjunction with our Foundations agreements to not only provide the security monitoring but the support needed to fix cyber threats when you need it.

  • Enables businesses to increase their security posture and maturity in line with the business goals, be that ISO or NIST accreditation or the Australian Government's Essential 8 Maturity Level 3.

  • Like our Foundations agreements, +Security agreements are also versioned.  This means as the cyber-threat landscape continues to rapidly evolve, so does the protection of your Managed Security service.

  • While we use the best toolsets available on the market, it's not only about the tools but the processes.  Our cyber security-certified team work with you each quarter to continue your maturity journey.  In addition, we provide services to help that journey including Security Policy creation as a Service, Cyber Incident Response Plan testing and even in-house and customisable Cyber Security training for your entire team.

  • While we don't like to make it about us, we continue to ensure you can feel safe using our services by having third parties audit us.  We are annually audited against ISO27001 Information Security, Essential 8 Maturity Level 3, and Penetration Tested.

As the challenges of security continue to intensify and the frequency of threats increases, it is crucial to take action. Don't hesitate, reach out today for a personalized quote and safeguard your business.


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