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Need some help to plan what's next?

Using over a combined 100 years of experience in the IT marketplace, the Subnet consulting team use that real-world experience to help discover, plan and prepare for the next step for many South Australian companies.

Our experienced team have deep technical knowledge across cyber security, ICT processes improvement, business optimisation techniques and developing 5-year roadmaps and budgets.

Subnet Consulting Audits

Our toolkit has all of the resources and guidance needed to create a high-conversion website.

3-5 Year ICT planning
3-5 year ICT Planning

Through business workshops, we build out a detailed 3 to 5 year ICT plan designed to improve business efficiency, operation and security - all budgeted ready for your next executive review.

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Wireless Audits

Having issues with Wireless?  Our team can design and map the right number and location of access points, security configurations to best support your offices.

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Technology Guidance

Need help working out what is going to work best for your next environment?  Cloud vs On-Prem vs Hybrid, Google or Microsoft, 3CX or Microsoft Teams calling.  We can help

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Vulnerability / Pen Tests

Subnet can provide both Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration testing services to ensure your networks and systems are and remain secure.

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Will your environment cope with growth?

Subnet can help plan and right-size your ICT environment to ensure that it meets the requirements as the business changes and evolves.

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Incident Response Testing

When was the last time your business tested its Cyber Incident Response Plan?  With cyber insurance requirements being lifted, its best to ensure that your response meets the requirements to get paid in the event of a disaster.

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Security Gap Analysis

Need help measuring your current security maturity against the Essential 8 or ISO27001?  Our team can help map your current process and provide recommendations and plans to move forward.

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MS Co-Pilot Readiness

As Microsoft launch Microsoft Co-Pilot in the Australian region, is your business ready to take advantage of the new Artificial Intelligence world, or will you be left behind?