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Next-Gen Managed Service


Subnets' next-generation Managed Services are very different from other standard managed offerings. 

Relaunched in 2017 as two focused streams that combine into one seamless product, providing the best operational and security support.  Our difference is not only in our very transparent and customisable calculator but also in the way we version our Managed Service.  With the fast-paced world of ICT, if you are still receiving the same service as you were three years ago, you are no longer using best practices, protected against current cyber threats, nor taking advantage of new tools like AI and Machine Learning.

Our managed services are aligned to the Australian Government-recommended Essential 8 and ISO27001 information security standards, and is versioned to ensure your tools and our processes are adapted and updated as the industry and the cyber threats change to keep you ahead of the game, and the cyber criminals.

Our operational managed service, Foundations, looks after your ICT environment and your team's day-to-day issues 24x7.  Our proactive and specialised tools detect and automatically alert system issues within your environment, while your team can reach out for support on the phone, email, or live chat whenever it suits them without racking up big after-hours bills.  

For customers focused on improving their Security Maturity, we have our +Security Managed Service.  This service provides enhanced security tools and services to ensure your business remains protected, day and night.

When joined together our next-generation Foundations+Security Managed Service is the best of both worlds, protecting your environment from cyber threats while ensuring your staff continue providing the best service to your clients.


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"Now I've seen it. I love your versioning calculator, its so genius you should copywrite it" - Happy Customer

Why use Subnet Managed Services?

What have our customers said?

We picked Subnet because they understood what we wanted; they were readily available and was easy to for us talk to them we didn't have to use all the technical jargon, which makes it much easier if you can have normal conversations with people"

Liz Fourie
Liz Fourie

Corporate Services Manager, Council

If you are in local government, particularly in regional SA, and you are looking for a new partner for your IT, you should seriously consider Subnet. They service a range of regional councils across the state and they do care about the quality of service they provide.

Matthew Morgan
Matthew Morgan

CEO, Council

Want to know more?

See how our Foundation +Security Managed Service can help your business be better protected, more efficient, and better supported.

Subnet's Managed Service Journey

Subnets Managed Services continues to evolve; Tech doesn't sit still, so neither do we.

Subnet Founded

Subnet Founded

Subnet launched into the SA market, to make a real difference

Managed services

Managed Services v1

Subnets' initial Managed Service offering providing operational support to valued clients across South Australia.

Next Generation Managed Service Launch

Next-Gen Managed Service Launch

After a year in development, Subnet launched the next-gen managed service Foundations +Security version 1.0.  This service utilised a new calculator and a completely new approach in the industry to provide a new way to support customers.

Version 1.5

Version 1.5

Launch of the updated ASD Essential 8, Subnet MSA was updated to include;
- Quarterly to Daily vulnerability scans (no additional cost)
- Added internal Governance
- Extra Discounts for using both agreements

Version 1.7

Version 1.7

- Added Microsoft Defender and Sentinel support
- Added Essential8 recommended Credential Guard login protection
- Added Essential 8 update for Group Policies to block Java and Office Macros.


Version 1.8

- Automatically included Office 365/G-Suite end-user backup
- Added fully managed Cloud Backup of infrastructure.
- Added fully managed Enhanced Email Protection
- Updated tools to include new AI / Machine Learning support.


V2.0 (coming soon)

Planned to launch in July 2024 we are looking to include;
- Fully Managed Cloud-based Disaster Recovery.
- End User device Backup
- Changes to the newly launched Essential 8

and much more...