Case Study:
Zoos SA

Wild Technology. Tamed.


Zoos SA, a not-for-profit organisation that supports animal welfare and conservation initiatives in South Australia, and operators of the Adelaide and Monarto Zoos, found their IT systems were under-performing based on the heavy use of the network, and that they had reached the limits of their computing power and capacity. Compounding this lack of performance were expiring warranties on their major IT infrastructure, along with a need to completely re-design their backup and replication technology based on updated company goals for continuity.


As a long-term corporate partner of Zoos SA, Subnet had already developed a deep understanding of the state of the infrastructure, and was invited to propose a solution to meet short, mid and long term goals of the organisation.

Working closely with Ashlen Naicker, IT Manager, we developed a solution which incorporated new, upgraded IBM server and storage hardware, modern backup and replication from Veeam, platform upgrades and the repurposing of existing equipment to serve as a replication target situated in another location within the Adelaide Zoo.


The Zoo’s staff now enjoy high performing software applications on any device thanks to the new hardware platforms, as well as greatly improved data recovery times by way of updated backup technology, and an enhanced ability to fail over to replicated systems in the event of failure to ensure a continuity of service to visitors and staff.

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