Case Study:
Arthritis SA

Expert Technology Services.


Established in 1975, Arthritis SA aims to reduce the social and economic burden of arthritis through research, education and support, and provides services to people with musculo-skeletal conditions. Employing 50 staff at their head offices in Richmond, management had identified that relying on a single external consultant for technology advice and support was a significant risk to business operations.


After identifying, at senior organisational levels, that the reliance on a single contractor was untenable, the company contacted Subnet to discuss tendering for the remediation of the network to improve staff’s access to systems, applications and data, as well as the potential to provide on-going operational and strategic support of the whole technology environment.

After a successful submission, Subnet installed and configured new infrastructure platforms to improve system and application performance. A proactive, fully tailored managed service agreement was then established to support the new environment into the future.


Arthritis SA are now able to focus on their fundraising efforts and service initiatives due to a stable, high-performing network and, because of the tailored service levels, consistent and prompt response times from Subnet Service Desk for all of their support needs.

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